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Игры: Проекты

I'm counting to 6...

Slogan: "Play with me!" 

The game "I'm counting to 6..." is a psychological thriller from the first person.

It was a small, unremarkable village where people could live a carefree life. They did their jobs, raised their children. But one day completely destroyed the hope for a good future… A child disappeared and after a while the case was repeated. The residents united and were one step away to find out the shocking truth, but everything did not go as planned.

The main character, Grisha, is heading to the city to visit his grandfather. Driving through thick fog, the main character's car gets into an accident. And now he has to walk further to find at least someone who could tell him the way. So he finds himself in an abandoned village. Grisha does not yet know what secrets this place holds, but he will be forced to figure everything out when he gets to the damn old house.


September 7th

Slogan: "Don't watch horror movies at night." 

The game "September 7th" is a psychological horror in the genre of "walking simulator". 

Dima is a graduate student. His family is planning a move. Finally, this day came on the seventh of September, Dima and his parents move into a new apartment. A few weeks pass and Dima receives a funny Christmas Elf doll as a gift. With her appearance, strange things begin to happen in the house.


Father's Day

Slogan: "He wanted a perfect present for everyone."

The game "Father's Day" is a spin-off and prequel to the game “Find Yourself".

The dream of living happily ever after was destroyed after Phil lost his wife and son. Obsessed with the desire to return them, he develops a plan that he does not tell anyone about.
After a while, finding himself in the bathroom, with blood on his hands, Phil continues to work on his project. But at some point things don't go according to plan.
He must find the answer to the question "How to fix everything?" and find out where is the reality in which everyone is happy?


Locked Up

Slogan: "Don't believe everything you see.»

The game "Locked Up" is a psychological thriller from the first person. The game takes place in an old house, where previously there were terrible events. The main character will repeatedly wander through the same corridor, in order to uncover the causes of insanity and understand who he is. Be patient, and the house will open previously locked doors for you and show you frightening memories of the past.

The demo version of this game is a prequel to the main story and acts as an independent free game that tells the story of a family living long before the events that take place in the main game.


Find Yourself

Slogan: "Watch out! The doors are closing!"

The game "Find Yourself" is a psychological horror from the first person. The main character suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder caused by an event that happened to him as a child. From that moment on, he can separate from his body and move to the astral world. As a child, due to abuse from his mother, the main character developed some phobias, which he learned to cope with. But a combination of circumstances forces the main character to go down to the subway, and there he will again face his fears face to face.


Summer of '58

Slogan: "Have you seen him?"

The game "Summer of' 58" is a psychological thriller from the first person. The game takes place in an abandoned building of a Soviet camp.
The main character, Alex Morton – is a video blogger who makes revealing videos about paranormal phenomena around the world. At the request of subscribers, he goes to Russia to explore the abandoned camp "Yunost". Locals say that this place is inhabited by restless souls.


From Day To Day

Slogan: "How terrible is the touch of something silent and invisible."

The game "From Day To Day" is a psychological thriller in the first person. The main character buys a seemingly ordinary abandoned house to start life with a clean slate after the tragic events in his family. Explore every door and every corner of this house, try to repair it, but be careful, because you are not alone in the house.

The demo version of this game is a prequel to the main plot and acts as an independent game.

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