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Summer of 1958. [Spoiler alert!]

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Summer of 1958. That's what I called my investigation. This story was the craziest I've ever seen.

Everyone accused Yakov – a boy who grew up without parents, helpless before this world, of a crime that he did not commit. He happened to be in this particular camp, but thereby provoked the director-Maria, to commit a crime.

But let's start in order. Maria Anatolyevna worked in an orphanage from 1944 to 1950, she was a single mother. Her son Ivan was 6 years old when she learned about his diagnosis-a heart defect. That's how it all started. Maria did not believe the doctors ' treatment, as it did not bring improvements. In the shelter, Maria came to her friend, a military doctor, for help, so that he would help her in an illegal operation that no one had yet performed. In response, he asked for help from her. But as it happens, the director found out about their hidden affairs and the shelter was closed. It is possible that the director did not start a case against her, provided that she will no longer work as a nurse.

After 5 years, Maria opens a children's camp, next to the building where there was an orphanage. I think it was planned. In the third year of work, the next set of summer camp was opened. And when studying medical records, she discovers that a boy named Yakov is an ideal donor and he was also very similar to her child. Maria decides that now is the best time for the operation, and she will finally be able to see her son. But then one point pops up that no one could have known. Her son is long dead. She simply could not bear it and began to deny it, thereby went crazy, trying to save her from the disease. All the conversations in the old orphanage were just her imagination. Yakov heard these conversations, but did not see anyone, and it is clear why. Alexey Sergeevich simply did not exist at that time, and all the residents were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

When Maria put the gas cylinder under the door to the bedroom, she fell unconscious because her gas mask was damaged. But she woke up very late, all the residents did not just fall asleep, but were poisoned. Maria decided to hide the bodies in an abandoned hospital that used to belong to the orphanage. She had no choice but to frame Yakov, the only witness. At the hospital, she immured the bodies along with documents that did not carry any evidence of the existence of her doctor friend. Perhaps when Maria came to her senses and realized what she had done, she had to commit suicide.

I left a note for Yakov so that he would no longer hide and live in fear. My task is to tell people about this story so that they don't blame him. After all, no one knew the truth for so many years.

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